TARS is a high-performance RPC development framework based on the name service and using the binary TARS protocol. At the same time, it supports an integrated operation management platform, and realizes the operation and maintenance semi-hosted service through scalable scheduling.

TARS itself has the following characteristics:

  • Multilingual: TARS supports multiple languages such as C ++ / JAVA / PHP / NodeJS;

  • Agile R & D: Through rapid service construction, automated code generation and continuous integration tools to ensure research and development efficiency;

  • High availability: TARS comes with service discovery, disaster tolerance and fault tolerance, intelligent scheduling and other features

  • Efficient operation: use TARS to achieve non-destructive business changes, three-dimensional monitoring and visual management of the service itself

After years of accumulation in Tencent, TARS has become a Linux Open Source Foundation project and continues to advance in the industry. TARS has been started and practiced by a number of companies, including but not limited to:

  • China Literature

  • Iflytek

  • Datang Mobile

  • Huya Live

  • QiMing Information

  • Sinotrans

  • Essence Securities

  • Guangdong Water Resources Department

  • Longtu game


  • Shenzhen Reintion Tech

  • Beaver school